About us

About us

WoWDeals provides special offers along with sales and discounts catalogs to individuals throughout the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

Who We Are
We are a team of individuals who are passionate about providing our customers with exactly what they need to score major shopping and promotions deals. Whether you’re shopping with Carrefour, Plugins or any other brand named shop, we provide you with the tools you need to save big.

What We Do
We offer a very easy to navigate/mobile friendly website that allows you to search through our extensive store catalogue collection to find special offers from your favorite stores. Just as easy as flipping a book, but with better sales and discounts, our selection is sure to get you deals that will make you say WOW! We also offer a multi-store option for our catalogs so you can find all the information you need in one convenient location.

Why Choose Us
Not only does our site offer amazing promotions and discounts, but we also support environmental conservation by providing online catalogues instead of print and paper catalogues. Instead of carrying a bulky print catalogue, you can keep the environment healthy. Also, our goal is to streamline your shopping and promotions in a single location so you never have to search the internet to find the information you need.

We look forward to helping you find Deals that make you go WOW at WoWDeals.