Activities & Attractions You Must Try in Dubai

Activities & Attractions You Must Try in Dubai

Surely, Dubai is the perfect choice for spending a special holiday within the Middle East; despite the architecture of Dubai is of the modern era, Dubai has a wide range of activities and attractions that you can try during your visit.

The UAE, specifically Dubai, is one of the most famous places for skyscrapers and malls, the largest and longest ever, not to mention traditional neighborhoods that offer you a distinctive experience between their authentic life and the current unparalleled development at all levels.

Of course, you know that visiting markets and shops of Dubai is the first things you will do during your trip, but in this article, we will talk about the best landmarks and activities of Dubai away from shopping.

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Visit Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the most famous tourist attraction in Dubai and the tallest skyscraper in the world, with a length of 828 meters, and the largest vertical commercial center in the world. There, you can watch Dubai city from the top of the tower (floor No. 163), which will reach in just a minute and a half, a completely different view compared to what you will see in the bottom view.

Only in Dubai, all credit goes to Burj Khalifa, you can see the sunset twice in one day, once from the ground and again from the top.

The Dubai Fountain

In Burj Khalifa, also, you can attend the famous dancing water fountain shows which will always of the thrilling experiences in Dubai. Although the dancing water fountain is now familiar in other places, it has a special character in Dubai, as it is the largest in the world (on an area of 30 acres) and the most developed.

Water fountain shows ranges from two to four minutes, but the seats are limited, either stand in front of it directly or visit one of the stores in Dubai Mall to enjoy watching it from the balcony there.

Attend the Performances at the Dubai Opera

If you love cultural and dramatic theater performances or ballet performances, you will not go away. In front of the Dubai Fountain, inside the Dubai Mall, you will be in an appointment to watch the best international shows in the most prestigious building's design in Dubai.

The most amazing thing in Dubai Opera is not only the theater that can accommodate 2,000 people, but that you can eat a luxurious dinner on the roof of the building that is designed on the shape of the traditional dhow.

Visit Dubai Frame

This outstanding architectural landmark is the one and only of its kind in Dubai, it is through this framework that you can know the history of Dubai, present and even future on a tour of one hour only.

Dubai frame consists of a 93-meter glass bridge and an anti-break slab glass the first of its kind in the region, as the length of the glass is 25 m 2. Guess what! It allows you to see what is underneath from a height of 150 meters as if you stand in the air.

Within the frame, you will be able to see Dubai in the past and present in one place through distinctive Panoramas views, from the north is Dubai's Old Town, Dubai Creek, the Dhow boats, and markets, where from the south there is the new part of Dubai, i.e. skyscrapers, marinas, and modern buildings.

Visit the Dubai Museum

Visiting the Dubai Museum will allow you to take look over the UAE’s heritage and specifically before oil discovery in the 1960s, where you will see Arab houses, mosques, markets, old date farms, and desert & marine lifestyles photographed fabulously. Also, you will get to see what has been discovered during multiple excavations throughout history, specifically in the third millennium BC.

However, this museum, located in Al Fahidi Castle that was built in 1787, is an economic choice that may not reveal how wonderful it is, it is truly of the jaw-dropping places in Dubai, so make sure to visit it.

Visit Al Seef Dubai Creek

Al Seef Dubai Creek, located near Dubai Creek, is one of the most distinctive heritage destinations in Dubai where the originality of Emirati heritage and local as well as international famous shops are combined in the same place.

Al Seef area is on 2.5 million square feet divided into two parts, one of them is designed in the style of the old architecture of Dubai and the other in a modern style.

One of the most important places to visit in Al Seif area is the traditional Arab market that will allow you to learn about the old Emirati customs and how previous generations lived there.


The desert is a unique part of the UAE, covering almost 80% of the state and is part of history. Of course, the best safari experience you will ever live is in Dubai, where no skyscrapers, only natural atmosphere will be all around for the eye to see its beauty.

Safari is arranged in Dubai by either the residence or some private companies that organize the trips there. By 4×4 cars, you will move from the start point of the journey, watching the sand and its plants that you probably never saw or knew in your life, to the more fun camps where you will be able to enjoy hunting, carrying falcons on your hand, eating barbecues, watching dance performances (belly dance, and folk dance, dance with fire shows), and much more. Plus, we recommend you not to forget to drink Arabic coffee there.

You can also ride beach buggies, walking and ski on the sand.

Amphibious Trip

It may seem a bit strange that you can drive a car or a bus and go out above the water surface like the famous secret agent James Bond.

The prices of these flights vary, as you can ride a bus from the BurJuman Center in Dubai and enjoy watching the water from inside the bus at a reasonable price, or even be in a private car traveling in the land and sea alongside.

Dubai Canal and Jogging Tours

Dubai canal is one of the new projects that have been opened in 2016, passing from the old Dubai Creek towards the Business Bay and pours into the Arabian Gulf waters.

You can enjoy the wonderful views on one of the boats, jog, or cycle on the road adjacent to the canal of 3.2 km, which includes a number of restaurants and entertainment venues. Or, even you can walk on one of the five bridges in the canal and see many of Dubai's stunning scenery.

Flight by Helicopter

If you didn’t reach Dubai by plane, it seems that the flight is not over yet, as we provide a special trip to see all of Dubai from the sky.

You and 4 other passengers can fly by helicopter; I promise it will be a splendid experience. Even if you reached Dubai through an airline, flying by helicopters is still unfamiliar whatsoever. Watching Dubai's various landmarks from a high point will make you see it differently.

Cruise aboard Luxury Yachts

Dubai Water as its desert, a special part of the Emirates allows you to experience a luxury yacht for some time as you wish, and enjoy various activities such as fishing, snorkeling, or even enjoying the fresh air while walking in the middle of the waves.

Yacht cruises in Dubai are not exclusive to rich people, as you can choose a lesser degree yacht in terms of luxury in order to enjoy a similar experience as well.

Visit Kite Beach

Kite Beach is Dubai's best free beach that allows visitors to practice various water sports such as surfing and canoeing. There are several beachside services available to purchase the equipment you need, so you will not need to bring your equipment with you.

There are also dedicated spaces within Kite Beach to play volleyball on the sand, which is also an ideal place to enjoy relaxation and tranquility.

Having Fun on Jumeirah Beach

The Beach at Jumeirah Beach Residence is another great experience for a happy vacation, as you will be in the midst of the modern Arabic ambiance and next to a large number of restaurants, entertainment centers, shops, and water games.

The Beach’s experience is suitable for the entire family, as children can ride train or camel on the beach and the rest activities are suitable for all of the family, where you can walk on the trace of almost 600 meters or go to the outside gym, volleyball court, or yoga classes.

Visit City Walk

City Walk is a modern destination with a number of shops, restaurants, and unique hotels along with outdoor spaces of magnificent design. It also includes a number of attractions of Dubai such as HP Zero, The Green Planet, and Mattel Play Town.

City Walk also features a movie theater and events all over the year, a number of restaurants from different countries, and a pedestrian zone designed in the European style.

Jumeirah Palm

On the shape of the Palm is the Jumeirah Palm Island that is one of the most important tourist attractions in Dubai, as it includes a wide range of luxurious resorts and restaurants where you can a meal even if you’re not a resident in one of the resorts. All of that definitely ensures an entertaining experience.

Not to forget, you can ride boats or yachts to roam around the island and enjoy the sights that you will never see anywhere else.

Dubai Parks & Resorts

A distinctive destination among amusement parks and water parks that allows visitors to go through a very enjoyable experience in more than 100 places, offering various activities—other than hotels and restaurants.

Dubai Parks & Resorts includes Motiongate Dubai Park, which is three distinct companies in the field of amusement parks merged, namely Dream, Works Animation, and Sony Studios. All will provide visitors to meet famous characters from the world of animated films such as Smurfs and Shrek and others while enjoying the experience of knowing how these films were made.

Dubai Parks & Resorts also includes Dubai Bollywood Parks inspired by the world of Bollywood, the first of its kind in the world, where you can watch entertainment shows derived from the most important films made in India as well as many entertainment events on Raj Mahal Theater.

You can also enjoy with your children other places like Lego Land Dubai, and Lego Land Water Park, or even go to Dubai River Land, which includes more than 50 restaurants and a shop within distinctively designed bridges reflect the versatility of architecture.


You may think I’m wrong or you may hear this for the first time, as the high temperature in the UAE is one of the most recognized things, but on a very large area 22.500 meters inside the Emirates Mall there is Sky Dubai that allows visitors to enjoy a skiing experience. That is quite similar to the European countries, not to mention specialists who guide people on how to enjoy the best possible experience.

Of course, entering Sky Dubai means that you are almost outside the Dubai weather. The atmosphere there is always extreme winter and the temperature is near zero.

Visit One of the Water Parks

If the snow were not your thing but you still want to escape the hot weather and enjoy during the day in Dubai, consider visiting water cities like Aqua Park, a distinct choice for this.

Dubai has numerous gardens in many hotels, some of which are famous like Wild Wadi and Adventures Water Park and will offer you a fantastic experience as much as possible.

Visit the Green Planet

Green Planet is an area that simulates the tropical rain forests and includes up to 3,000 exotic plants species, next to a group of birds, reptiles, and marine animals on an area of 45 cubic meters, designed under the longest man-made trees.

The visit to The Green Planet is very enjoyable and safe at the same time; it is very difficult to have a trip enjoyable and genius in the tropical forests, but it is one of the recommended things in Dubai.

Visit the Aquarium Dubai

The experience of watching many species of fish while walking through a corridor with no covered parts except the floor is amazing. Imagine that you are deep in the sea watching the fish and people and even the crocodiles without diving.

Climb the Wall

One of the most exciting things to experience is certainly the tallest climbing wall in Dubai next to the World Trade Building, this building is a unique experience for athletes.


The world of IMG is one of the strongest interactive entertainment experiences that can be seen in Dubai; there you can enjoy the games inspired by popular characters movies as "Avengers" and the Powerpuff Girls, superheroes, Spiderman, and Hulk.

If you don’t like any of these games, the Lost Valley area will be a wonderful thing for you. There you can go back for thousands of years to see real size dinosaurs or go to the haunted hotel.

The most beautiful thing about IMG is that all the family can go all the way, no matter how old people are, as elderlies can enjoy being in a restaurant or shopping in different shops.

These activities are the most memorable activities that you can do in Dubai and this does not mean that these are all the activities there, as more landmarks are in Dubai and many activities for you to discover yourself in one of the most Arab cities full of fun and entertainment.