K.M. Trading aspire to empower all customers who walk through their doors with a distinct advantage in leading their chosen lifestyle with pride and satisfaction, irrespective of their social and economical status. This apart, They seek to become a dependable and reassuring companion who deeply perceives, and cumulatively fulfils their lives’ needs, desires and dreams.

They are committed to offer their customers the most extensive range of choices, the finest quality and unmatched value, complimented by world-class customer service standards through an enjoyable and rewarding shopping experience.

Their Honorable Chairman & Managing Director Mr. Mohammed Korath says "a strong spirit of adventure inspired me to various endeavours. Eventually the entrepreneur in me was tempted to experiment with multiple lines of business, which led to focused effort in the retail sector since 1984. Back then the concept of a department store was not very popular, especially among the middle and lower strata of the society. Yet, K. M. Trading pioneered its way to success by virtue of delivering everything under one roof at affordable prices and offering impeccable customer services.

K.M .Trading Group with a strong background of business experience of over 38 years in this part of world itself, under the guidance of esteemed chairman Mr. Mohammad Korath and other dedicated professionals, has grown vigorously. Combining the wisdom of Their chairman and experienced senior managers along with zeal of the younger generation, Their staff members believe as their own company and strive hard to achieve the highest standard to serve our customers to their satisfaction. Our CEO, Mr.Riyaz Mohammed, with an extraordinary combination of youthful dynamism, supports the chairman in running the business of the group. Their staff members, who hail from various parts of the world, submerge into a single work culture at K.M.Trading.

Quality, value and customer service has helped K.M. Trading Group attain customer satisfaction. This has helped they to climb the ladder of success. Their core values, to which they have adhered, have helped us attain sustainable growth over the years, by helping overcome market challenges.

Their Marketing division is fully geared to plan and execute regular promotions and special offers. Thus, ensuring the best deals are enjoyed by their customers. They offer their customers with a wide range of lifestyle products, which are offered in their department stores, supermarkets, and hypermarkets.

Their Supermarket division provides fresh dairy products, fruits & vegetables, butchery, fish, bakery counters along with other confectionary and grocery products. Their department stores offer a wide range of products which include apparels, fashion, perfumes, toys, luggage, footwear, novelties, cosmetics, household products, watches, cameras, mobile phones and electronic items.

Customers looking for variety in their shopping will experience it at their stores. K.M. Trading will be their customers’ companion in their life’s special moments and occasions, by providing quality products. They leave no stone unturned in ensuring the highest levels of customer service.

Their full-fledged Logistics and Warehousing facilities cater to the daily requirements of Their stores in UAE and Oman, ensuring they are always available to their customers.

IT & Accounts Department monitors and generates the MIS reports and updates the inventory on a daily basis.

HR department is entrusted to find and recruit qualified staff for different positions, and provide training to the staff members at all levels. The department is also responsible for the well-being of staff members.

Their dedicated purchase team travels around the world to procure right products for Their customer base.

Their dedicated procurement offices in Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Spain, Brazil play a vital role in procurement and exporting which in turn help us to serve Their customers.